Guitarist, Producer, and Improviser

Primary Groups

Iris lune

Alternative-Indie Electronic group based in Brooklyn, New York. I produce and write alongside front woman and best friend Ella Joy Meir. We play with Aaron Liao (Bassist and Manager), and Angelo Spampinato (Drums). Our 3rd EP and my first work as a producer “Stories in Glass” is coming out mid 2019.

Childish Japes

Childish Japes is equal parts collective, band, and art project—committed to fearless musical exploration and a blurring of genre lines. The composing is heavily collaborative and equally inspired by each of the three members: Asher Kurtz, Jed Lingat, and JP Bouvet. Our 3rd Album of my Instrumental music is coming out late 2019/early 2020

oLd Feels

oLd Feels is my solo project. My first EP “Anew” is will be coming out through Justin Vernon’s (of Bon Iver) collective called 37d03d in mid 2019. I write the songs, play most of the instruments, produce, and mix all of the music.

About Asher

I am a Brooklyn, NY based Guitarist, Producer, Composer, Teacher, and Improviser.

Originally, I'm from Dallas, Texas but have been in the northeast for the past several years working with many close friends and great artists from across the world.

Currently, I'm focused on producing, playing, and recording with my original projects Iris Lune, Childish Japes, and oLd FeeLs, but am working a lot as a sideman and producer for other artists as well.

Artists I've been involved with or collaborate with currently include:
Julia Easterlin
Niki Morisette (Venika)
Drew ofthe Drew
Joanna Teters
JP Bouvet
Emergency Tiara
Terri Lyne Carrington
James Genus
...and many more...


Iris Lune – Chirp Chirp

Childish Japes (feat. David Leon) – Evergreen

Iris Lune – Triplets

Childish Japes (featuring Joanna Teters) – Stories