Guitarist, Composer, Teacher , and Improviser

Primary Groups

Iris lune

Alternative-Indie Electronic group based in Brooklyn, New York. My roles in this group include playing guitar, playing synths, co-leading, co-writing, and co-producing alongside Ella Joy Meir (Vocals, Keys and Songwriting), Aaron Liao (Bass and Moog), and Angelo Spampinato (Drums, and Electronics) .

Asher Kurtz and Oblio

Instrumental Indie rock and folk, infused with the improvisation of jazz, and worldly grooves. I am the composer, guitarist and leader of the group.

Freelance work and past Projects

Here, you’ll find recordings of my work as a soloist, composer, and arranger, both in past projects, and as a sideman.

About Asher

I am a Brooklyn, NY based guitarist, composer, teacher, and improviser. I'm a recent Berklee College of Music graduate where I majored in Guitar Performance and Film Composition. At Berklee, I was lucky enough to get to know and study with some of my favorite players such as Mick Goodrick, David Tronzo, Terri Lyne Carrington, Alain Mallet, and many others.
Originally, I'm from Dallas, Texas. I went to Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual arts where I learned from local guitar legends Roger Boykin, and Clint Strong. Roger and Clint both really helped to shape who I am today both as a person and player.

Currently, I've been focusing on playing with my primary groups "Iris Lune", and "Asher Kurtz and Oblio". I'm also doing lots of sideman work with Tali Rubinstein, Holy Hand Grenade, IYVES, and other artists I love greater New York area.

A few artists I've preformed with:
Aaron Parks, Gretchen Parlato, James Genus, Terri Lyne Carrington, Tia Fuller, Wycliffe Gordon, Keith Anderson, and hopefully you!


Iris Lune – Triplets

Iris Lune – Bring Me The Moon (Live)

Asher Kurtz and Oblio – No Air


Let's Be in touch

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