My Music

Childish Japes

This group is my collaboration with JP Bouvet, and Jed Lingat. Each album is a different collaboration between us and other artists we feel resonate with our current direction.

Currently working on our 3rd album featuring David Leon and Christian Li playing my original instrumental compositions

Iris Lune

My project with Israeli singer-songwriter Ella Joy Meir. I've been cowriting with Ella for the past several years but am now the main producer for the project. We Have 3 EPs out and are currently working on our first full length album.

See the Production page to hear my work with Iris Lune

oLd FeeLs

My Solo "Dream - Folk" project.
This originally started as a way for me to work on producing, mixing, and lyric writing but quickly became a lot more for me.

Debut EP out this year via 37do3d Collective later this year